Why is this site named Prism Glow ?
A prism can take a single beam of light and resolve it into myriad colors.

The goal of this site is to provide a place where an idea can be expanded in much the same way as a beam of light. Ideas are the light that the prism of these pages can operate upon to allow their underlying color and depth to emerge.

In one place here will be found handy tools for "how to...", "where to look for...", and "what is..." among many others. Within these pages are web site urls, tutorials, conversion tables, charts and tools.  Subjects include many of the hard sciences and maths, but there is also room here for other references.

Yes, almost everthing on these pages can be found elsewhere on the web. There is so much detail available out there, it is sometimes hard to find a high level concept without getting lost in the blizzard of minutae.  But for the person who wants a handy, single place, where they know they can quickly get the answer to common questions, this may be the place to start.